Sri Bairashveshwara Tours Travels & Transport was launched with a prime objective of offering a safe and reliable medium of travel to customers and with a vision to give a form and structure to customized solutions for various corporate client and other professions and individuals who need our service. We have focused on providing a dedicated and timely service which has helped us to create a strong base of clients all over India.

Our fleet includes a wide range of vehicles, carefully hand picked and chosen for your needs. Sri Bairashveshwara Tours Travels & Transport has the flexibility to give you varied option ranging from weekly rentals, monthly rentals, contract vehicles , corporate usage , employee pickup and drop, events, Marriages etc. We are specialised in bulk booking.

We also do Flight, Bus and Train Bookings, Tour Packages, All bank money Transfers.



Travel Packages

We arrange all kinds of outstation travels packages. We have all kinds of prime sedan cars and Tempo travellers



We have around 20 trucks of various sizes and we also provide packaging service


Easy Travelling

It is very easy to contact us just give a call to our number


Travel Plans

We arrange travels according to your requirement


  • Bangalore Sight Seeing
  • Nandi Hills Sight Seeing
  • Mysore Package
  • Coorg-Madikeri Package
  • Kolar Sight Seeing
  • Chikkamagaluru Package
  • Gokarna Package
  • Dharmasthala Package
  • Murdeshwar Package
  • Wanderer
  • Munnar Package
  • Waynad Package
  • Sabrimalai Package
  • Allepy Package
  • Kochi Package
  • Wanderer
  • Ooty Package
  • Mudhurai Package
  • Kodaikanal Package
  • Rameshwaram Package
  • Kanykumari Package
  • Wanderer
  • Tirupathi Package
  • Ramuji Film city Package
  • Hyderabad Package
  • Vizag Package
  • Mantralayam Package
  • Srisailam Package
  • Wanderer
  • Flight bookings
  • Train Ticket bookings
  • Bus Ticket bookings
  • All Bank Money Transfers
  • Wanderer

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    • "Suresh"

      Very good service, driver made sure that our journey is safe and comfortable.

    • "Parikshit"

      Driver is well behaved & has safe driving skills. Very neat and clean vehicle.

    • "Shubham"

      Polite and cheerfull driver, great service by the company.


    Below mentioned are the prices for our services

    • Sedan
    • Rs. 799 / 4hrs - 40KM
    • Rs. 1199 / 6hrs - 60km
    • Rs. 1499 / 8hrs - 80km
    • Extra KM Rs. 10/KM Extra hour Rs. 100
    • Airport price depends on distance
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    • Luxury
    • Rs. 1199 / 4hrs - 40KM
    • Rs. 1599 / 6hrs - 60km
    • Rs. 2399 / 8hrs - 80km
    • Extra KM Rs. 15/KM Extra hour Rs. 150 Driver Bata Rs.350
    • Airport price depends on distance
    • Buy Now
    • Outsation
    • Sedan Rs.10/KM
    • Innova Rs. 13/KM
    • Tempo Traveller Rs.13/KM (Non-AC) Rs. 15/KM (AC)
    • The rate above excludes parking and toll charges, Bata Rs. 350 Day and Night
    • Buy Now



    Contact: +91 - 9980186639, 9742089350